ALREADY HAPPENED – Dagora & Names of Things

3 Nov 2013. 20 Uhr. B-Side, Am Mittelhafen 42-44, Wasserseite, 48155 Münster
Bring your own beer.

Poster by Alex Duma    Picture(74)

A trio, sometimes more, from the cosmic forest of Amsterdam-on-Moon, playing free improvised noise. Two drummers and one madman with a suitcase of self-made electrical goods. Varying from the quiet bells and echoed vocals of the mountain dreamers to the noisy interference of the satellites in the skies, cymbal wash, circuit bent toys, snare drums, leads and sockets, clicks and thuds all co-exist, sometimes fighting, in our world of sound.

Dagora have performed with many great artists, such as Yedo Gibson, Peter Zincken (dr Bibber, Odal,FCKN BSTRDS), Ti Femme, Avrind Ganga, Xexek, Mik Quantius, Thomas Hopf, Chrs Galarreta, Peter Van Bergen, Manuel Padding, Mikael Szafirowski, Thale Roosien, Renato Ferreira, Frankie Vis, Henry Davies, Stijn, Alfredo Genovesi and more…

Superset navigations, oblique duo moves and noisy rummaging on guitar, amp, electronics and drums. Matthew Grigg and Ross Parfitt smush improv between The Dead C’s twonged bulk and Sonic Arts Union’s twitchy kerplunk. The signal through the system and the instruments’ tolerances hock to the front of this new duo’s marbled, sometimes tumbling sound.



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