ALREADY HAPPENED – Jon Collin, Pascal Nichols and Human Heads & Chastity Potatoe

Mittwoch 10. Juli, Halle B, Am Hawerkamp. Münster.

Alex Duma's poster for Jon Collin et al gigPicture(38)

JON COLLIN (Serfs, The Whole Voyald, Vampire Blues…)

“He can blister the place with seriously outer raga bliss body of sound making guitars sing and tones move mountains.”
Qujunktion, according to Singing Knives.

“Collin manoeuvres his way around the fretboard delicately and patiently, mixing drones, fingerpicked twanging and slide guitar wibble along with a fair smattering of jarring and visceral fret buzz and string squeak. It’s a slow moving and very physical journey full of dusky splay-fingered little musical shapes, string twang and harmonic ding, Collin’s hypnotic yet unpredictable style never letting the listener get completely comfortable, but not alienating them with impenetrable harshness either.”, writing about Jon’s latest album High Peak Selections Vol. 1

Jon Collin / The Whole Voyald / Winebox Press –
Jon live in Helsinki –
Recent session Jon recorded on WFMU –

PASCAL NICHOLS (Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides, Drapeau Noir, Stuckometer, The Whole Voyald, …)

Pascal Nichols is a self-taught free-thinking drummer, sound-artist and sculptor based in Manchester, UK, now touring Europe with a solo show. Intensely focused percussion. Screw your ideas of music; this is action, physical and spiritual; a deep and ecstatic chasing of forms over skins and surfaces and tones and space.

“The really intriguing qualities of Nichols lie in his insatiable interest in sound and his endless and authentic pursuit of the elusive wild mercury of genuinely collaborative improvisation”.
(Dave Birchall,

Nichols has recorded and performed with artists such as Simon Rose, Phil Minton, Luke Poot, Ludo Mich, Arrington de Dionysios, Shiggajon, Harappian Night Recordings. Past recordings have been released on labels such as Singing Knives, Potagers Natures, Carnivals, Zero Jardins, Galerie Pache, with upcoming releases on Beniffer and PAN.

Nichols has produced a number of commissioned sound works as part of his project with Kelly Jayne Jones, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, including performances and exhibitions in Tate Modern, MOMA, SCHIRN Frankfurt, Kunsthalle Zurich.

Video of Pascal live in Manchester in December 2011 –
Audio from releases on Pascal’s Rayon label –

Human Heads & Chastity Potatoe (so much…!)

A karambolage of the Futurist duo Human Heads and Dadaist duo/trio Chastity Potatoe will be a sweet unsettling reminder of those times the doors closed in a plush lift and opened again to Rudolph with a stick. Expect humble confessions, ecstatic idiocy, fermented sounds of the putrid sublime.

Human Heads are Hannah Ellul (Helhesten, The White Death,…) and Ben Knight (Helhesten, Towering Breaker,…), who also run the Psykick Dancehall record label, magazine and art launch-pad and from their base in Glasgow.

Chastity Potatoe are Sheffield’s voice-perverter Look Pute (Lovely Honkey, duo with Phil Minton, Very Rich Lexicon,…) and Manchester’s guitar-attacker Dave Birchall (Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra, Stuckometer,…), joined on this tour by Glasgow’s mic-sipper Susan Fitzpatrick (Acrid Lactations,…).

Human Heads’ Psykick Dancehall –
Luke Poot’s Poot records –
Dave Birchall’s blog –


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