ALREADY HAPPENED – Bruzgynai, Daina Dieva & Oorchach

8. November 2013, 20 Uhr. BLACK BOX im cuba.

Poster by Alex Duma
Bruzygnai. Photo from Daina Dieva. Photo from Oorchach. Photo from

Bruzgynai is an experimental music project from Lithuania, established in 2007, run by Arma, the artist, curator and founder of the Agharta label. Bruzgynai means “bush” and is about sound adventures in deep forests and on the high mountains. Primordial sound, lo-fi aesthetics, mystic drones, reverse glossolalia and the glitter of the new new age. Using no computers, only analogue gear, vintage synthesisers, voice, field recordings and strange objects, Bruzgynai has toured Russia, Germany, Austria, Czech rep., Poland and the Baltic states and is one of the most active projects from Lithuania.

DD is a sound constructor / video maker. A graduate in philology and audio & video technologies, she is interested in various ways to apply language and in various languages, from programming, to the language of signs, individual languages and the language as a way to transcend the “me” defined by the origin, place of birth, race or other mostly externally definable features. The perseverance to understand and to redefine one’s inner language and express it in means available to her, is traced throughout all of Daina’s creative works – live shows, music & soundscapes, videos and writings. Daina Dieva’s music has been defined as “post-folk”, “poetic”, “dark”, “hypnotizing”, “cold”. Usually during live shows she performs one composition of a duration of half an hour, during which the listener is “guided” over a story told in long drones, live vocal sampling and wrapped up in series of echoes.

Oorchach – the word means an iron ring which is used, in the Siberian Khakas region, through the calf’s nose to prevent it from sucking its mother’s milk. This domestic artifact represents an archaic, tribal attitude towards existence. The circle, a form of ring, opens the interpretation more widely. This indicates the aesthetic direction of Oorchach’s music but doesn’t restrict it too much; it inspires, but doesn’t dogmatize. Oorchach’s sound could be described as ambient-ritual-driven postindustrial music. But again, this is only a guideline. Oorchach tends not to tie himself to stylistic restrictions.


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