ALREADY HAPPENED – Chakai House, David Birchall & In a Leopard

Poster by Alex Duma Picture(16)_1

10. Juli 2014. 20 Uhr.
B Side, Am Mittelhafen 42-44, Wasserseite, 48155 Münster.

Chakai House
Chakai House is a new project by Pascal Nichols, a self-taught free-thinking drummer and sound-artist based in Manchester.
Nichols’ playing is both reductive and high-energy, and born out of a love for prog rock, free jazz, and ritualistic music. Chakai House is a drumset-performance of rudimentary polyrhythms and amplified percussion, and will coincide with a n LP release on Discombobulate Records.

Nichols has recorded and performed with artists such as Simon Rose, Phil Minton, Ludo Mich, Arrington de Dionysios, Shiggajon, Harappian Night Recordings. Past recordings have been released on labels such as Singing Knives, Chocolate Monk, Carnivals, Memoirs Of an Aesthete, Beniffer Editions.

Nichols has produced a number of commissioned sound works as part of his project with Kelly Jayne Jones, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, including performances and exhibitions in Tate Modern, Tusk Festival, ICA, MOMA, SCHIRN Frankfurt, Kunsthalle Zurich.

David Birchall
David Birchall is a guitar player living in Manchester who improvises open forms and structures using hands, preparations, friction and dynamics. He has played solo and in groups through the UK and European mainland.

“Hidden gem of the week…He does seem to be more about the physical sound he creates, rather than a muso improviser indulging their over-crafted technique” Sound Projector
“Improvising guitarist” The Wire
“Intriguing and listen-able improvisation… A fine piece of improv that flows wonderfully” Terrascope
“beautiful stuff” Monsieur Delire
“Quite a blast, but a very nice one” Vital Weekly

In a Leopard
Münster’s Mechthild Quander and Ross Parfitt fight recorders and drums. Scraping and hooting or something.


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