ALREADY HAPPENED – I’d M Thfft Able // Distract Vibes // ASUNA

poster by Alex Duma Picture(61)

Fr. 28. Nov 2014. 21 Uhr.
B Side, Am Mittelhafen 42-44, Wasserseite, 48155 Münster.

I’d M Thfft Able
Rabid distributor of vocal and electronic sense, US-based Id’M’s one of the most interesting modern madsounders. His gunk logic is overwhelming.
Perhaps the most insubordinate and virtuosic sound artist I’ve seen with my two eyes… All he needs is his mouth and hands to produce a mind-blowingly far out noise set. (Nat Roe, Noisey blog,
“Skurril und lustig ist das. Gewiss. Auch. Aber eben nicht nur.” (Tim Schomacker, (Oldenburg)).
Suggestions for 4 stay-at-home dancers
Dubious Liftings from 2008

Distract Vibes
Two pioneers of the Dutch improv/noise scene now in duo edition. Eastern and experimental jazz mixed with noise. Hectic, confronting and emotional, cutting-edge imrpovisations. The ultimate encounter for adventurous and free spirits.
“Psychedelic noise with hallucinative melodies in a sea of singing crack sounds”, Aad van Nieuwkerk, VPRO radio 6, Dutch National Radio.
Paradox deel 1″

In his live shows and installations, ASUNA, from Japan, spreads patterns of organs and toys around him. Many, many multiples of sounds and soundmakers make a high fine swamp.
“His reed organ & other instrument plays are surprisingly sweet and melancholic. Through nearly academic methodology he makes tracks to evoke the seasons he sees changing outside his window overlooking the hills of Tokyo”. (Alejandra and Aeron, Lucky Kitchen) (live video from 14.9.2014).


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