ALREADY HAPPENED – Bird People // Guitar Trio with No Fancy Name

birdapeopleBird People Photo: Matthew Grigg

So. 9. August 2015. 20 Uhr. 18 Uhr
Ausstellungshalle, Am Hawerkamp, 48155 Münster

BIRD PEOPLE are a drone band formed in 2010 by Ulrich Rois. Solo and with a host of collaborators Rois has since explored various forms of extended tone music, often influenced by drone-based folk music, Hindustani music and early minimalism. Bird People have toured extensively throughout Europe and have shared the stage with MV+EE, Sylvester Anfang II, Hellvete, Head of Wantastiquet, Rhyton, Rhys Chatham, Cameron Deas and Datashock among many others.

Recent releases include a split tape with A Story of Rats (March 2013, Feathered Coyote Records), a split tape with Hering und seine sieben Sachen (August 2013, SicSic Tapes / Feathered Coyote Records), “Water Buffalo” (April 2013, Sloow Tapes), “Terma” (November 2013, Jehu & Chinaman), “Autumnal Hum” (April 2014, Dead Vox), “King of the Grove” (April 2014, Yerevan Tapes) .

GUITAR TRIO WITH NO FANCY NAME is a set of three Münster-based guitarists aligned to free improv, noise and string theory. Lumped space burbles from scratching fingers, plastic triangles and HAL’s creeped Rechnungings. It’s Matthew Grigg, Erhard Hirt and Michael Kolberg who move the particles in this great trio.

Klänge wie Risse in Raum und Zeit, umwölkt von Elektronen wie durch Glühwürmchen… im GTwNFN haben sich drei Gitarristen der Neuen Improvisierten Musik ereint: Grigg verarbeitet seine Gitarrenklänge mit selbstgebauter Elektronik weiter, Hirt hat die Formung seines Klanges weitestgehend in den Computer verlegt, Kolberg erzeugt seine Klänge durch Präparationen. Zusammen bilden sie einen Klangkörper von atemberaubender Intensität.



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