ALREADY HAPPENED – Desmedrados Soldados de Ventura // Yerba Mansa // Duniel Niehaus // Ross Parfitt

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So. 13. September 2015. 19 Uhr
Halle B, Am Hawerkamp, 48155 Münster

Raumformen / Sudden Cricket joint show in the giant jittering Halle B. Expect sonic smearing. Last evening of Raumformen’s week-long show.

DESMEDRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA (UK) pulverise hellish psych-rock howls and tang-jangles. 6 guitars and counting on the forthcoming ace Clifton Park, NY volumes, this lot, led out of Manchester by master Psychonaut, Nick Mitchell, are what the Grateful Dead could have been if they’d really tried.

“A righteous nod in the direction of what psychedelic rock, unburdened of its newfound marketing status, should really be like, this monstrous UK jam session comes on like a triple-header to the dome and dances dervish around your skull… Any fool could get their medulla oblongata steamed, pressed and boxed by mere exposure to this beast. Maybe it’s your turn.” Doug Mosurock, Still Single

“Very gorgeous free rock improvs.” Byron Coley & Thurston Moore, Bull Tongue, Arthur Magazine

YERBA MANSA (UK) sees two of Desmedrados’ meanies killing it in a sharp guitar and drums combo.

DUNIEL NIEHAUS (DE) is Münsters own visually-aptituded, sub-Elephant-lurking generous guy. He’s been here for ages and now it’s really coming out.

ROSS PARFITT (DE/UK) will hit things, like usual.

Raumformen –
The week’s events –


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