ALREADY HAPPENED – part wild horses mane on both sides // JSCA // Sigmund von Moosham & der heilige Bim Bam

JSCA_No_ends_art part-wild-horses_performance-view_rowing-827x569

Do. 31. März 2016. 20 Uhr. 8/5 EUR
Westfälischer Kunstverein, Rothenberg 30, 48143 Münster

Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols are part wild horses mane on both sides, a consistently idiosyncratic and adventurous free music group. Hailing from the north of England via France they have the ability to induce hermetic sonic states through a process of ritualistic improvisation. Employing flute, percussion and electronics alongside a vast cache of sonic artifacts that they have collected over the years (field recordings, found objects, old media), they conjure up a bold and evocative ancient/modern sound spectrum. Their compositions/performances traverse epic contours, veering from moments of spare, poetic beauty to unhinged rural psychedelia, unified by an acute awareness of time, space and silence.
They have released countless limited run editions on cassette, vinyl and CD via their own Rayon Recs imprint, Singing Knives, Chocolate Monk, Beniffer and MIE, with forthcoming releases scheduled on Sacred Tapes, Golden Lab and Tombed Visions. Among many projects they have collaborated with Pelt and Michael Morley of the Dead C as Pelt Part Wild Gate and with Ashtray Navigations as Human Horses.
Recently they have worked extensively with the artist Haris Epaminonda on a number of film-sound installations, exhibiting at Tate Modern London, MOMA, Kunsthaus Zurich and Modern Art Oxford among others.

Electronics duo JSCA, named after a song by obscure 80’s act Monoton, creates repetitive, static machine music. Pulsating sine- and square waves drenched in delay, clattering synth noises and cold, detached female vocals.
“…Reminiscent of very early Gate, the title track from JSCA’s tape ‘No Ends’ feels ghastly, diseased, and malicious; it’s as though someone saw fit to awkwardly mash up the field recordings of a helicopter, a bass drone, and a dying woman mumbling incoherently through several thin layers of papier-mâché. One wonders: Is this what it sounds like at the tail end of a long, painful illness, when the machines laboring anonymously to keep you alive are more powerful than you, to the point that you can no longer hear yourself speak above them?” – Village Voice

Münster’s spinningest DJs channeling their minds’ melodies.


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