ALREADY HAPPENED – Datashock // Guttersnipe

posible finaleiidatashock pic DSC02936_low res

Sa. 11. Juni 2016. 19 Uhr
Titanick-Halle, Am Hawerkamp 31, 48155 Münster

Part of week-long Raumformen exhibition in the vast Titanick-Halle.

Datashock are the Saarland’s finest transcendent mountain-climbing free-rock collective. They have consistently stirred up the dunes in their 20+ releases and their most recent album, Keine Oase in Sicht, covers such terrain as “reimaginations of early music of desert people”, “post-punk dancefloor killers” and “Peter Brötzmann soloing over an 80’s John Carpenter soundtrack” (quotes from Jakub Adamek:
“They frequently catch magic moments of emergence, as a patient assemblage of exploratory sounds grows into something transcendent. They’ll wander around with their heads pointed skyward until at some point – often one you don’t notice until they’ve already passed it – they shift into a higher gear.” (Marc Masters, Pitchfork)

Smashing their way here from Leeds, this duo bring brutal, textured fury to the crushing of guitars, drums, vocal folds and electricity. This is as much sound as two people can make.
“The musical palette-perge I didn’t know I needed, a demasculinised anti-rock ear reset.” (The Wire)

Freeform DJing from Münster’s golden heroes.


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