ALREADY HAPPENED – Antez // Daniel Voigt // DJs Sigmund von Moosham und der heilige Bim Bam

Photo: Circolo Hemingway voigt picture69
Antez Photo: Circolo Hemingway

Sa. 10. Dez. 20 Uhr.
SO16, Sophienstr. 16, 48145 Münster

ANTEZ (France)
Antez makes great sheets of sound by rubbing, scraping and bowing the bass drum with gongs and metal objects. The outcome is like an auditory sauna; intense, overwhelming really, but welcoming. Probably also joined by the accordioning Anja Kreysing.

DANIEL VOIGT (Frankfurt)
An imaginarius of cassette tape twisting and electronic whallooping. He’s a subtle architectural thug, this guy, thumping you with sweet noises in a fictional environment. Also known as Hering und seine sieben Sachen, Daniel runs the wonderful SicSic Tapes.

The rockingest DJs playing the swingingest hits with the dopest beats and the baddest melodies plus the maddest observations, deepest geometries, relevantest statements, highest mountains, tallest fathers and most radical farming techniques.


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