2020 plans that sadly didn’t happen

So. 8 März 2020 – Inga Huld Hàkonardòttir & Yann Leguay
Icelandic/Belgian duo with an incredible performance piece using sledgehammers, wood and rotation carrying “spoken word out of it’s habitual state into a sonic limbo where a human howl could be located somewhere between wolf and dog.”

Fr. 19 oder Sa. 20 Juni 2020 – Chik White
Solo Jaw Harp exponent from Canada. “A jaw harp is a memento mori of instruments, a metal doodad in a head cavity, reminding the thing-ness of your skull of the fact it’ll someday hollow.” (Tiny Mix Tapes) “[White]’s wheezing gasps circle around the plastic pops and clicks of his harp in a quizzical dance, a surreal duologue spouting forth like twin streams of organic data.” (We Need No Swords)

And other stuff to follow…


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