KvT // Dismantling Mechanisms // Otolitos

So. 24. März. 18 Uhr
BLACK BOX im cuba, Achtermannstr. 10-12. 48143 Münster

An evening of femme-centered noise/drone/improvised sounds from Berlin.

It is easy for noise music to exist as macho confrontationalism. Less prominent are the times when experimental drone and noise are the common thread of female-centered DIY acts, each investigating unique aspects of sound in an uncompromising exploration of artistic territory.

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KvT (Berlin/Ireland/Hungary)

KvT are a duo that shape ephemeral soundscapes from the overlapping churn of single simple elements — voice, resonance, repetition, movement, memory. They work with processes/sounds/movements close to imperceptibility, and transformation through layering/rhythm/pattern/repetition. Having recently collaborated with David Bryant of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and presented work on both coasts of the USA in 2017, they have become renowned for their ‘play anywhere’ approach, using battery-powered equipment to present work in any and all locations.

Video: https://vimeo.com/274238418
Bandcamp: https://kvtred.bandcamp.com

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Dismantling Mechanisms – Agente Costura (Berlin) and Stephen Doyle (Amsterdam)

Agente Costura and Stephen Doyle are a duo playing improvised sounds, on amplified sewing machine and drums. Agente Costura/Lisa Simpson is a sewing agent. She has been playing the Singer, a sewing machine, since 2003. In the daytime she tackles unwanted clothing, transforming them into new wearable shapes. At night, the Singer joins her fellow musicians and Lisa sews to the beat of the music, improvising on clothing based on rhythm and sound. The sewing machine is a musical instrument, and new sculptural garments are created from old clothes. Lisa has performed extensively on an international level, including at The Vancouver Art Gallery, the Month of Performance Art Berlin, the Bimhuis Amsterdam, and Curitiba Fashion Week, among others. Stephen Doyle is a drummer, living and working in Amsterdam. His sounds have previously graced the creations of Dagora, 78rpm, and many more. His performances couple the meditative effects of repetition with the refined skill of a misspent punk youth — artistic curiosity meets chaotic spontaneity. Together, Agente Costura and Stephen Doyle create a percussive upcycled torrent of uniquely sculpted sound.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oey80a-7CQ0
Website: http://www.agentecostura.blogspot.de/
Website: https://soundcloud.com/stephen-doyle-drummer

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Otolitos (Berlin/Canada/Ireland/Spain)

Otolitos is improv minimalist amplified sound by Tristen, Tom, and Angie. Someone called us ‘post-noise’. The laziest soft noise band in central Europe. We perform with drums/bass/noisebox/loopstation/projections/voice. Email us and we will come and play in your basement. xx

Website: http://www.otolitos.com/
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2b633krZjc


ALREADY HAPPENED – Antez // Daniel Voigt // DJs Sigmund von Moosham und der heilige Bim Bam

Photo: Circolo Hemingway voigt picture69
Antez Photo: Circolo Hemingway

Sa. 10. Dez. 20 Uhr.
SO16, Sophienstr. 16, 48145 Münster

ANTEZ (France)
Antez makes great sheets of sound by rubbing, scraping and bowing the bass drum with gongs and metal objects. The outcome is like an auditory sauna; intense, overwhelming really, but welcoming. Probably also joined by the accordioning Anja Kreysing.

DANIEL VOIGT (Frankfurt)
An imaginarius of cassette tape twisting and electronic whallooping. He’s a subtle architectural thug, this guy, thumping you with sweet noises in a fictional environment. Also known as Hering und seine sieben Sachen, Daniel runs the wonderful SicSic Tapes.

The rockingest DJs playing the swingingest hits with the dopest beats and the baddest melodies plus the maddest observations, deepest geometries, relevantest statements, highest mountains, tallest fathers and most radical farming techniques.

ALREADY HAPPENED – Rusalka // Mk9 // Moloch & E.H.E

moloch rusalka

Sa. 3. Dez. 20 Uhr
BLACK BOX im cuba, Achtermannstr. 10-12. 48143 Münster

Canada’s Rusalka blasts theremin and other electronics in a struggle between filth and transcendence. Sensory noise overload.
Aus Kanada kommt Rusalka mit Stöße auf dem Theremin und andere Elektronika. Eine Überbelastung von sensorische Krach als Kampf zwischen den Dreck und die Transzendenz.

Mk9 pushes video projection, audio constructions and performance as unprocessed subconscious therapy. Isolated audio interference from the US.
Mk9: Videoprojektion, Audiobauten und Aktion als unverarbeitete unterbewusste Therapie. Isolierte Audiostörung aus den USA.

Moloch & E.H.E are an indigestible brew from shreds of bloody racket, staccato noise, cacophonous walls of buzzing, ambient vapour and live improvised tailored (video-)images. Harsh ambient videoart from Bochum
Moloch & E.H.E sind ein schwer verdauliches Gebräu aus Lärmfetzen, Stakkato-noise, sirrenden Krachwänden, ambient-Schwaden und ebenso live improvisierten und maßgeschneiderten (Video-)Bildern. Brutal ambient Videokunst aus Bochum.

ALREADY HAPPENED – Sindre Bjerga // Håkon Lie // Jon Collin

picture15 sindre winebox-press

So. 9. Okt. 19.30 Uhr.
SO16, Sophienstr. 16, 48145 Münster

Cassette player drones and kitchen sink psychedelia from Norway.

Howling, clacking modified Norwegian turntables.

Guitar supremo and pioneer of northern English deep blues.

ALREADY HAPPENED – Michel Henritzi // Murgatroyd

img_1478 p-txt

So. 01. Okt. 20 Uhr
BLACK BOX im cuba, Achtermannstr. 10-12, 48143 Münster

Der französische Avantgarde-Gitarrist Henritzi – unter Anderem bekannt für seine Zusammenarbeit mit Noise Legenden wie Junko, Nihilst Spasm Band, Dust Breeders und Mattin – kommt nach Münster mit einem Solo-Programm für Lapsteel-Gitarre. Sein intensives Spiel klingt wie abstrahierter Noise von tuckerndem, heulenen Train-Blues.
David Keenan (Volcanic Tongue) nennt es: “Dessert Blues Angriffe und Wände aus reinem Velvet Donner”

French avant guitarist Michel Henritzi, well known for his collaborations with noise legends Junko, Nihilst Spasm Band, Dust Breeders and Mattin, amongst others, comes to Münster to play solo lapsteel. This is intense stuff: noise as if abstracted from chugging, howling train blues.
“Desert blues assaults and walls of pure Velvet thunder” (David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue)


Ist eine Solo-Gong-Peformance von Ross Parfitt bei der jedes Metall-Molekühl des eingestzten Gongs zum Klingen gebracht wird.

Solo gong noise set from Ross Parfitt, trying to sound every molecule of metal.


ALREADY HAPPENED – Arma Agharta // Das Andere

poster duniel arma duniel

So. 18. Sept. 20 Uhr
BLACK BOX im cuba, Achtermannstr. 10-12, 48143 Münster

Voice / action / improv / ritual / dada / toys / soviet electronics
Arma is a sound performance artist and curator from Lithuania. His work stands between musique concrete and DIY shamanism. Odd costumes and gestures work along with serious live electronic soundscapes improvised with soviet vintage electronics, acoustic objects and circuit bent gear.
The sound performances of Arma Agharta span a broad territory between unbridled eruptions of chaotic noise and hypnotic psychedelic ritual to dadaist humour, odd bodily movements, spontaneous improvised games and the voice, detached from meaning and turning into unintelligible glossolalia.

Duniel Niehaus’ haunted tapes, low noise and the Other. Dark music, located somewhere between Varèse’s Poème électronique and Jandek’s homebrew.

ALREADY HAPPENED – Shane Latimer // Para Dise

shane poster copy IMG_0840_low res Para Dise @ dESTRUKTIVA

Sa. 30. Juli, 20 Uhr
BLACK BOX im cuba, Achtermannstr. 10-12, 48143 Münster

Guitars and synths with preparations and electronic processing. Dublin-based Latimer’s improvised guitar slammings and beatings seem to build up their history through circuit block step patterns and intuitive interference.
He is active in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe, performing solo and with various Irish and international groups including OKO, Melting Pot and 無我. He is a curator of the annual Bottlenote Festival of improvised music in Dublin.

Solo project of musician and improviser Julius Gabriel, in Para Dise, the organic sounds of the saxophone are combined with huge drone and noise-based electronics. Gabriel is the founder of the great krautnoise band Blutiger Jupiter and of agit-disko-jazz band Das Behälter. He is part of the musician collective The Dorf, led by Jan Klare, and Barry Guy´s Blue Shroud Band.

ALREADY HAPPENED – Datashock // Guttersnipe

posible finaleiidatashock pic DSC02936_low res

Sa. 11. Juni 2016. 19 Uhr
Titanick-Halle, Am Hawerkamp 31, 48155 Münster

Part of week-long Raumformen exhibition in the vast Titanick-Halle.

Datashock are the Saarland’s finest transcendent mountain-climbing free-rock collective. They have consistently stirred up the dunes in their 20+ releases and their most recent album, Keine Oase in Sicht, covers such terrain as “reimaginations of early music of desert people”, “post-punk dancefloor killers” and “Peter Brötzmann soloing over an 80’s John Carpenter soundtrack” (quotes from Jakub Adamek: weedtemple.wordpress.com).
“They frequently catch magic moments of emergence, as a patient assemblage of exploratory sounds grows into something transcendent. They’ll wander around with their heads pointed skyward until at some point – often one you don’t notice until they’ve already passed it – they shift into a higher gear.” (Marc Masters, Pitchfork)

Smashing their way here from Leeds, this duo bring brutal, textured fury to the crushing of guitars, drums, vocal folds and electricity. This is as much sound as two people can make.
“The musical palette-perge I didn’t know I needed, a demasculinised anti-rock ear reset.” (The Wire)

Freeform DJing from Münster’s golden heroes.

ALREADY HAPPENED – part wild horses mane on both sides // JSCA // Sigmund von Moosham & der heilige Bim Bam

JSCA_No_ends_art part-wild-horses_performance-view_rowing-827x569

Do. 31. März 2016. 20 Uhr. 8/5 EUR
Westfälischer Kunstverein, Rothenberg 30, 48143 Münster

Kelly Jayne Jones and Pascal Nichols are part wild horses mane on both sides, a consistently idiosyncratic and adventurous free music group. Hailing from the north of England via France they have the ability to induce hermetic sonic states through a process of ritualistic improvisation. Employing flute, percussion and electronics alongside a vast cache of sonic artifacts that they have collected over the years (field recordings, found objects, old media), they conjure up a bold and evocative ancient/modern sound spectrum. Their compositions/performances traverse epic contours, veering from moments of spare, poetic beauty to unhinged rural psychedelia, unified by an acute awareness of time, space and silence.
They have released countless limited run editions on cassette, vinyl and CD via their own Rayon Recs imprint, Singing Knives, Chocolate Monk, Beniffer and MIE, with forthcoming releases scheduled on Sacred Tapes, Golden Lab and Tombed Visions. Among many projects they have collaborated with Pelt and Michael Morley of the Dead C as Pelt Part Wild Gate and with Ashtray Navigations as Human Horses.
Recently they have worked extensively with the artist Haris Epaminonda on a number of film-sound installations, exhibiting at Tate Modern London, MOMA, Kunsthaus Zurich and Modern Art Oxford among others.

Electronics duo JSCA, named after a song by obscure 80’s act Monoton, creates repetitive, static machine music. Pulsating sine- and square waves drenched in delay, clattering synth noises and cold, detached female vocals.
“…Reminiscent of very early Gate, the title track from JSCA’s tape ‘No Ends’ feels ghastly, diseased, and malicious; it’s as though someone saw fit to awkwardly mash up the field recordings of a helicopter, a bass drone, and a dying woman mumbling incoherently through several thin layers of papier-mâché. One wonders: Is this what it sounds like at the tail end of a long, painful illness, when the machines laboring anonymously to keep you alive are more powerful than you, to the point that you can no longer hear yourself speak above them?” – Village Voice

Münster’s spinningest DJs channeling their minds’ melodies.

ALREADY HAPPENED – Crank Sturgeon // Olivier Di Placido

poster crank final Crank1 olivier_photo bernd wendt

So. 15. Nov 2015. 20 Uhr.
BLACK BOX im cuba, Achtermannstr. 10-12, 48143 Münster

Crank Sturgeon works in performance, installation, and sound art, and has been active since the early 1990’s. A comical conceptualist, Crank is something of a misnomer: whether blending pun with the profane, or transforming the precious into an oil spill, a Sturgeon performance defies categorization. Accompanied by ridiculous costuming, pointed instructions and parables (gone awry), and even the occasional dirigible or two, these elements intertwine, transforming into space-defying interventions, and invariably involving audience participation. More than just possessing a predilection for the absurd, Crank wears the goggles of the perpetual optimist: infusing his processes with a classical struggle, and yet always with a leery salmon grin, awash in an undertow of delicious and celebratory noise…

“I do make noise; I also make vocal sounds, contact mics, collage, destroyed folk musings, bad poems (which I like to project on walls), and visual disturbances in the form of installations, masks, and assemblages with motors that belch and spit stuff out.” (Crank Sturgeon, noisewiki.com)


Olivier Di Placido is a french guitarist. During the years he has developed an absolutely unique approach to his instrument, being able to play it like a turntable, a synthesizer or a gamelan orchestra. Interested in discovering all the possibilities of the guitar, including the most hidden ones, Olivier has litterally invented a new and hybrid instrument, with unfixed neck and moving pick-up.”(Flussi festival 2014)
He’s been playing all around Europe for more than ten years, collaborating with musicians and improvisers like Mario De Vega, Arnaud Riviere, Tony Buck, Anthea Caddy, Jassem Hindi (Les Sorciers Komas), Fritz Welch (UK Tour) SEC_(Bocian records, Noise-Below) and MANY OTHERS w/Francesco Gregoretti (Viande, Scrotum records)… taking part in international festivals and shows.